Deutsch Family Farm

Happy Hogs and Cows From Our Little Farm

   Dec 04

Thank You for a GREAT 2016!

We want to thank each and every one of our customers for supporting us and our farm in 2016!

This was our 10th year farming.  Looking back, our 10 year goal was to have both hogs and dairy cattle… and we do!  We started milking cows on September 15th and our new milking barn will soon be finished for us to move into by the end of December.

We have had some awesome support from our grocery store, restaurant, and farmers market customers this year!

You can ask for our pork when dining at the following wonderful restaurants:

The Mint in LaCrosse, WI

The Trempealeau Hotel in Trempealeau, WI

The Lakely in Eau Claire, WI

The Coffee Grounds in Eau Claire, WI

You can purchase our meat to cook at the following great grocery stores:

The People’s Food Co-op in LaCrosse, WI

Just Local Food Co-op in Eau Claire, WI

Menomonie Market Food Co-op in Menomonie, WI

Find us at the following Farmers Markets in the summertime:

Downtown Eau Claire Farmers Market at Phoenix Park on Saturday mornings

As always call or email to order your whole or half hog all year long!

Happy Holidays from The Deutsch Family

   Feb 07

You Can Now Place A Meat Order With Us Online!

We are excited to announce that starting February 2016 you can begin to place meat orders with us and pay for them online!  The link is:

As many of you have long asked for, all of our prices are listed.  If you have any questions about pick up, delivery, or anything about our meat please email us at

Thank You!



   Oct 25

Deutsch Family Farm is on Wisconsin Public Television!

We are excited to announce that Deutsch Family Farm will be featured in an episode of Around The Farm Table hosted by Inga Witscher in November 2013!  We hope you will be able to watch the whole series airing Thursdays in November at 7:30pm.

A Picnic in the Pasture


You can still watch the episode with our farm at:


   Aug 13

Drought of 2012

The drought of 2012 that is affecting so much of the midwest is causing problems for us as well.  We have lost a lot of crops due to the lack of rain.  We are looking forward to harvest to see how it all turns out.  It is more important now than ever to support local small farmers for your food.  There are many of us here in Wisconsin who raise almost anything that you could want to eat.  Please search out farmers markets and small farmers who need your support right now.  You can help support rural Wisconsin!  Thanks!

   May 16

Warmer Weather

Spring has had a hard time coming this year, but I think its finally here!  Our grass just started growing and this weekend our trees got their new leaves.  Because if this our first batch of chicks is just coming this week.  And the pigs are impatiently awaiting their pastures to start growing.  And we are hoping to finally be in the fields planting this week.

   May 16

Farm Store Now Open!

We now have a store on the farm where you can easily find all of our frozen pork and chicken.  Give us a call if you are driving through Osseo and we can help you find all of your summer grilling meats!

Also, the new Western Wisconsin Farm Fresh Atlas are available and Deutsch Family Farm is now listed in it.  You can find many great local farm products in there.

   Dec 04

Winter is here!

We just had our first snow of the year.  The farm is suddenly very quiet and peaceful.

The new hog shed was built in mid-November and all of the pigs were moved into it the week of Thanksgiving.  A big THANK YOU to all of our family and friends who helped us get so much work done before winter set in.

A nice group of baby pigs are just over  a week old and doing well.

   Jun 28

Pasture Raised Chicken

Our first batch of pasture raised chicken is finished!  We have whole and half chickens, give us a call to order yours.